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 «Know ME»



Know ME is an expression application to promote inclusion and increased quality of life among children and young people with communication difficulties. The app is intended to help friends, family, assistants and professionals to understand the child in an easier, faster, smarter and more accessible way – in all facets of everyday life. The smart technology in the system ensures that the child's communicative expressions and routine descriptions are up to date at all times. In this way, Know ME ensures the child's short range communication permanently.


Kjenn MEG er en uttrykksapplikasjon som skal fremme inkludering og økt livskvalitet hos barn og unge med kommunikasjonsvansker. Appen skal hjelpe venner, familie, assistenter og fagpersoner til å forstå barnet på en enklere, raskere, smartere og en mer tilgjengelig måte - i alle hverdagens faser. Smartteknologien i systemet sørger for at barnets kommunikative uttrykk og rutinebeskrivelser er oppdatert til enhver tid. På den måten sikrer Kjenn MEG barnets nærkommunikasjon livet ut.


The need to be seen and understood is a basic need to us humans. In children and young people without a verbal language or where communication is limited, this is a special challenge as this affects their development as human beings. Not being understood gives rise to great frustration, and the need to communicate for these children is just as great as with functionally healthy children. “The fact that I don't say anything doesn't mean that I have nothing to say” it is said, and this is at the core of the issue.



Know ME is a tool for children and young people with communication difficulties, and particularly for those children who belong to the alternative language group where their own expressions are their only form of short range communication.

In order for communication to take place at all, the user of Know ME is completely dependent on those around (understand, be understood). This is why this is also an aid for companions (health professionals, educators, assistants, friends and family). Everyone who interacts with the child should be able to use the application actively in all everyday settings to establish a better communication environment around the child. The particularly applies to new people who enter the child's life. Know ME will be an important tool in such transitions by contributing to a faster and deeper introduction to the child's expressions, activities and routines.


Many of these children use augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), either in the form of signs, pictures, symbols or objects that represent the activity. It is up to the companions around the children to get to know how the child communicates, and to use the alternative language. In this manner the child is understood.


Know ME is intended as a communication solution in such a language environment, and will be particularly important to children and young people in the alternative language group in AAC. By gathering and creating a system of the child's expressions and routine descriptions in one and the same place, and additionally in an intuitive, smart and accessible manner, Know ME ensures that the activities are performed correctly and that the user's expressions are correctly understood.

The understanding of expressions among those surrounding the child will increase due to increased accessibility, faster searches and faster interpretation of the expressions. Digitisation and creating a system will also ensure a better flow in the transfer of valuable experiences between assistants, professionals and parents, and also that these are not lost. Thus Know ME secures the child's future communication.


An intermediate goal of the project is to create a “culture of awareness” among people who are affiliated with children and young people with communication difficulties – to become more aware of their own methodology in the quest to understand. By actively working with the child's expressions in the application, a broader understanding develops around how the child communicates. Companions become more alert, investigative and curious. This awareness in combination with the smart technology and the experience data in the system, optimize interpretation of the expressions, and not least the establishment of new expressions. This contributes to quality-assure work related to the child's communication and thus secure the main objective of Know ME

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